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Transfer List

Start your private / business trip in Montenegro by enjoying already from the leaving of the airport and afford yourself a private transfer by some of our new and comfortable vehicles and allow professional driver to take care of your arrival to desired destination.

Take a look at our transfer offer and find the prices:

From Airport Dubrovnik to Herceg Novi

Dubrovnik Airport, also known as Cilipi International Airport, is 15.5km away from the center of Dubrovnik and about 28km from Herceg Novi. It was built after the Second World War and since then has been intended to be the main airport in the region, and a constant increase in the number of passengers is good proof for that.

Transfer Price From 70 €

From Herceg Novi to Airport Dubrovnik:

In case you need a taxi transfer from Herceg Novi to airport Dubrovnik you are in the right place. Book your taxi service from Herceg Novi to the Airport Dubrovnik Ćilipi in just a few steps.

From Airport Tivat to Herceg Novi:

Tivat Airport is characterized by over 80% of traffic in the summer tourist season. We have been tranfering from Tivat Airport to Herceg Novi for many years. A large number of clients constantly use our transfer services from Tivat Airport to Herceg Novi, which best testifies to the quality of our service.

Transfer Price From 60 €

From Herceg Novi to Airport Tivat:

If you are finishing your stay in Herceg Novi and you need taxi service to Tivat Airport, we are here for you. The prices are the same for all periods of the year, and the van transfers are made by an arrangement.

Transfer Price From 50 €

From Airport Dubrovnik to Budva

If you need a trasfer from Dubrovnik to Budva, the Montenegrin tourist capital, we offer you a safe and pleasant ride during all 71km of the trip. The prices are: 1-3 persons = 65 €; 4-5 persons = 75 €

Transfer Price From 115 €

From Airport Dubrovnik to Kotor:

In case you continue your journey from Dubrovnik to Kotor, we will be happy to cross that part with you. Transport from Dubrovnik Airport to Kotor will mark a pleasant ride and enjoying the view on the sea and mountains that each of the 70km this way provides!

Transfer Price From 95 €

From Airport Dubrovnik to Podgorica:

If you are looking for a trasfer from Dubrovnik Airport to Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, we are here for you! We will provide you with convenient transportation from Cilipi Airport to Podgorica with prices: 1-3 persons = 75 €; 4-5 persons = 85 €

Transfer Price From 160 €

From Herceg Novi to Airport Podgorica:

Trasfer Herceg Novi - Airport Podgorica is also in our offer,and the prices are: 1-3 persons = 65 €; 4-5 persons = 70 €

Transfer Price From 120 €